Abbey Heffer

Jan 11, 2021

1 min read

I understand this initial kickback, but you should have a look into the history of white women’s relationships with those of African origin and Indigenous communities the world over. Owning slaves was one of the only “freedoms” granted to them (us) by the white patriarchy and they (we) abused that privilege liberally. For more recent examples of the power white women have over African American bodies, just look at Emmett Till.

In the colonies, the portrayal of white women as fragile, pure creatures led to the execution of hundreds if not thousands of colonial subjects. English white women in particular even held power over colonised white men in Scotland and Ireland.

White (particularly English protestant) women are not innocent in the eyes of history, nor, as one commenter had pointed out with regards to Trump supporters, today. Just look at the ways white women in the United States leverage their privilege to threaten innocent black men.

It’s uncomfortable, but we need to collectively address these problems if we’re to have any chance at either overthrowing the patriarchy or neutralising structural racism (which are effectively two sides of the same proverbial coin).

I hope this helps, I have book recommendations a-plenty if you’d like to know more. A personal (hilariously written) favourite is Richard Crasta’s ‘Impressing the Whites’. He’s a genius.

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