I noticed this on Medium as well… Quite a few of the big “how to XYZ” publications didn’t feature a single article about either the BLM movement or the George Floyd protests. It would have been a great opportunity for “how to not be racist” or “how to be an ally”, but they just kept churning out “how to write about Medium on Medium” articles.

I submitted a piece to one publication, thinking it would be one among many, and they wrote back saying they needed more time to consider whether I’d dealt with the issue well enough. I thought this meant they were consulting with their POC editors or prioritising black voices, so I was impressed and happy to be rejected. When I went back to the publication a week later, however, there wasn’t a single article or mention. Two weeks, still nothing.

Another of these big publications, which pays its content creators, posted a black square for #TheShowMustBePaused, but then I didn’t see anything else.

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